Restoration & Repair

We have been designing, creating and restoring fine jewelry for over 30 years, and your complete satisfaction is our primary goal. We encourage you to take proper care of your pieces, research the history of your heirlooms, and speak with us before you come into the showroom so that we can make the best choices for you and your jewelry.

A few minutes on the phone with our experts can help address some of the challenges you may face in maintaining your fine jewelry and assess what may be needed before you come in for your appointment.

We believe in being honest with you about what may or may not be possible in restoring your piece. The true jeweler’s profession is both an art and a science—and unfortunately there are limitations to what can be done. Some of these limitations you may already expect, and some will be uncovered at that time.

Whereas we will consider everything within our power to craft your jewelry into its best possible state, that may or may not be in line with your initial expectations. Sometimes a piece is simply beyond repair or transformation. At that time, we will go over your options, such as purchasing new gemstones, replacing metals and settings, recreating the item, or even helping you find or design a new version. The choice will be yours to make. Please be as detailed as possible in your notes while scheduling your appointment and include photos that illustrate your concerns.

Please note that at this time we can only entertain restoration on fine jewelry and and limit our work to precious metals of 14k-24k gold and platinum. We do not melt down metals, buy back jewelry, or service watches in any capacity.

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