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February Birthstone: Amethyst

A popular variety of purple quartz, Amethyst has been used in jewelry-making for thousands of years. Derived from the Greek amethystos, meaning “to remedy against drunkenness,” Amethyst’s brilliant purple color was associated with the freshly fermented wines of the Greek God of Wine, Bacchus. It was often used as a healing talisman for the doldrums following festivals.

In addition to its title as the February Birthstone, Amethyst was a notable favorite for Catherine the Great, and Wallis the Duchess of Windsor. It was also rumored to have been unearthed as part of Alexander the Great’s travels. Now, Amethyst is largely mined in South America— and is traditionally gifted on the sixth wedding anniversary.

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Manya & Roumen Dove On A Plum Ring
  • $700.00
Amethyst and Gold Bead Necklace
  • $2,850.00