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Ray Griffiths

Ray Griffiths Available at Alchemy Jeweler

Australian-born jeweler, Ray Griffiths, has been creating exquisite jewelry for more than 30 years. Ray's signature “crownwork” is visible in his work and reflects his early training fabricating the intricate substructure of tiaras and crowns. Drawing inspiration from architecture and antiquity, Ray designs and builds his masterpieces, all of which are created by hand, in his light filled atelier.

The son of a shoemaker, Ray grew up spending weekends at his father’s workshop and developed a deep sensibility towards craftsmanship and an appreciation for handmade details.

Fueled by a love of gemstones and jewelry from an early age, Ray began a apprenticeship to jewelry masters and tiara makers at Dunklings Jewellers in Melbourne, Australia at just 15 years old. It was there that he learned the art behind the construction and restoration of fine jewels.

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Ray Griffiths Crownwork Earrings
  • $2,520.00
Ray Griffiths Chrysoprase Necklace
  • $5,895.00
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Circle Stud Double Hoop Earrings
  • $3,585.00
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Ball Diamond Center Pendant
  • $6,370.00
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Link Chain
  • $2,375.00
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Necklace
  • $4,650.00
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Chrysoprase and Diamond Pendant
  • $6,775.00
Ray Griffiths Chrysoprase Crownwork Ring
  • $2,365.00