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Anne Sportun

Seeking a medium for her creativity, Toronto-born artist Anne Sportun began making jewellery as a teenager. She deferred her archeological studies to enroll in a jewellery arts programme where she acquired her formal goldsmithing skills. Anne founded her brand with the opening of her first atelier in the late 1980’s. This was the beginning of a prolific career which continues to evolve.

She is driven by her belief in a universal language of shape and form, looking to nature for inspiration. She translates the subtle beauty of organic asymmetry into her work which brings a sophisticated dichotomy to her pieces. In her work and in her life, she strives to combine the precious with the everyday. Awarded for her excellence in craftsmanship and contemporary design, her work is collected by those who share Anne’s vision.

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Anne Sportun Blue Sapphire Halo Ring
  • $4,875.00
Anne Sportun Unique Rose Cut Diamond Ring
  • $5,430.00
Anne Sportun Diamond Wave Cup Jacket Band
  • $1,750.00
Anne Sportun Plain Seed Band
  • $775.00
Anne Sportun Trillium Drop Earrings in Lapis
  • $575.00
Anne Sportun Gemstone Wrap Bracelet in Turquoise
  • $545.00
Anne Sportun Diamond Baguette Band
  • $3,380.00
Anne Sportun Gemstone Wrap Bracelet in Blue Moonstone
  • $545.00
Anne Sportun Trillium Gemstone Necklace
  • $730.00
Anne Sportun Small Graduated Blue Sapphire Necklace
  • $770.00
Anne Sportun Neolithic Black Quartz Diamond Cage Necklace
  • $4,730.00
Anne Sportun Rosecut Mink Sapphire Ring
  • $3,410.00
Anne Sportun Amazonite Ring
  • $4,750.00
Anne Sportun Confetti Gemstone Wrap Bracelet in Moonstone
  • $545.00
Anne Sportun Gemstone Wrap Bracelet in Chalcedony
  • $460.00
Anne Sportun Rosecut Sapphire Charm
  • $1,600.00
Anne Sportun Multi-Colour Gypsy Set Sapphire Band in 18k Yellow Gold
  • $3,250.00
Anne Sportun Gypsy Set Diamond Band 18k Yellow Gold
  • $4,180.00
Anne Sportun 14k White Gold Dancing Diamond Band
  • $2,075.00
Anne Sportun 14k White Gold Wavy Stardust Band
  • $2,000.00
Anne Sportun 14k Rose Gold Wavy Stardust Band
  • $2,000.00
Anne Sportun Diamond Wave Band
  • $3,430.00
Anne Sportun Botanical Tree Necklace
  • $1,650.00
Anne Sportun Iolite Bracelet
  • $705.00
Anne Sportun Five Gold Accent Black Spinel Wrap
  • $2,410.00
Anne Sportun Mini Petal Pave Diamond Ring
  • $3,580.00
Anne Sportun Narrow Stardust Band with Diamonds
  • $2,275.00
Anne Sportun Marquise Pave Band
  • $3,480.00