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With over 25 years of expertise, Yoshinobu Kataoka graduated from Kyoto Seika University studying under the direction of Master Jyunichi Katano and in 2011 founded his own fine jewelry line. His romantic designs are masterfully made using only the highest quality ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and hand-mixed metals. Each nature-inspired jewel is a spectacle of the incomparable craftsmanship and understated elegance that is Kataoka Jewelry.

"My wish is to create a jewelry that will attract even those who do not find interest in it. That is my dream, and it is the most important aspect of kataoka jewelry. I can't help but to think that when a man crafts jewels for women, without wearing them himself, he must be able to understand their needs, translate their feelings in order to impress them in a unique, surprising, and delightful way.” - Yoshinobu Kataoka

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Kataoka Sunflower Ring
  • $5,925.00
Kataoka Platinum Diamond Crown Ring
  • $7,480.00