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The beautiful Lauren K Collection is proudly designed and crafted in New York City. Feminine, with a bit of an edge, innovative, yet on trend with the latest fashions her designs feature an abundance of striking gems rich in character. Long layered necklaces, rings in brushed gold with gemstones in earthy hues, striking one-of-a-kind pendants in textured gold, and rose-cut sapphire and diamond stacking rings are staples in the continuously evolving collection.

The surprisingly price-conscious line is a profusion of tempting creations, ranging from stylish day-wear to exquisite statement pieces. The designs notably utilize unexpected combinations of gems and color palates, creating jewelry that is both unpredictable and dramatic. The collection is broad enough to showcase pieces that are timeless, yet chic, glamorous, yet effortlessly elegant. Due to the fact that the line is largely comprised of one-of-a-kind pieces, we at Alchemy are able to tell an individual story that makes each piece special.

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Lauren K Green Beryl Geometric Mirror Cut Bea Necklace
  • $2,475.00
Lauren K Boulder Opal Sprinkle Ring
  • $13,385.00
Lauren K Trixie Tanzanite Ring
  • $7,370.00
Lauren K Rose Cut Champagne Diamond Flower Ring
  • $2,750.00
Lauren K Mischa Turquoise Ring
  • $4,275.00
Lauren K Multicolor Rose Cut Sapphire Carly Bracelet
  • $7,095.00
Lauren K Emerald Mischa Earrings
  • $8,130.00
Lauren K Joyce Aquamarine and Opal Earrings
  • $3,495.00
Lauren K Joyce Tanzanite, Opal and Emerald Earrings
  • $4,795.00
Lauren K Joyce Ombre Tourmaline Earrings
  • $3,260.00
Lauren K Pink Sapphire Stud Earrings
  • $1,090.00
Lauren K Emerald Stud Earrings
  • $1,090.00
Lauren K Green Sapphire Stud Earrings
  • $1,090.00
Lauren K Champagne Diamond Flower Necklace on Diamond Beads
  • $5,060.00
Lauren K Black Opal Necklace
  • $4,180.00
Lauren K Roxy Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
  • $6,995.00
Lauren K Boulder Opal Heart Necklace
  • $2,585.00
Lauren K Emerald Flower Necklace
  • $6,950.00
Lauren K Aquamarine Cabochon Flower Impression Ring
  • $5,270.00