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K. Brunini

K.Brunini - California Jewelry Designer



     Katey Brunini creates fine jewelry that embodies the power and grace of nature. Enchanted by the visions of immortality enjoyed by the pharaohs, Katey decided to pursue their most durable legacy… jewelry. A seminar in Haute Couture Design in London would follow, then the Gemological Institute of America, as well as apprenticeships with master jewelers. Prior to starting her own company, Katey spent four years as the custom designer.


   In 1998, Katey launched her jewelry design company, K. Brunini Jewels. Katey is recognized through the jewelry industry as a respected Designer and has received the Women’s Jewelry Association Award of Excellence in Design, the American Gem Trade Association’s Editors Choice Spectrum Award, the International Pearl Design Competition Award along with the MarCom Platinum Award for website design.

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K. Brunini Orange Pear Diamond Ring
  • $3,800.00
K. Brunini Herkimer Quartz Crystal Eagle Talon Engagement Ring
  • $5,625.00
K.Brunini 18k White Gold Diamond Sage Band
  • $1,440.00
K.Brunini 18k Rose Gold Sage Band
  • $625.00

Sold out

K.Brunini Diamond Sweetheart Sage Band
  • $2,720.00
K. Brunini Wide Vertebrae Diamond Band
  • $6,375.00
K. Brunini Antler Diamond Earrings
  • $2,840.00
K. Brunini Arrow Earrings
  • $4,400.00

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K. Brunini Rose Cut Diamond Ring
  • $4,340.00

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K.Brunini 18k Yellow Gold Ruby Sage Band
  • $1,470.00

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K. Brunini Moonstone and Garnet Ring
  • $5,180.00