Alchemy Jewelry Portland Oregon Jeweler 

O U R    S T O R Y

Alchemy Jeweler-Portland Oregon-Master Jewelers-On the Bench

Alchemy’s origin dates back to 1990. Established as a manufacturing trade shop, Alchemy created custom designs, provided expert casting services, and performed various repairs for the jewelry industry. In 2005, Alchemy transformed to include a retail showroom—calling Downtown Portland’s Pearl District home.

 Today, Alchemy hails as one of only a few jewelry ateliers with its extraordinary hand-picked collections, exceptional customer service, award-winning designers, and a window onto the in-house work bench.

With an open studio and collaborative atmosphere, we are dedicated to helping you honor your memories, moments, loved ones, and traditions through the art of jewelry.

The history of adorning oneself with decorative pieces is more than 75,000 years old. Symbolic of sentiment, shared experiences, community, identity, and storytelling, adornment is the culmination of these ideals. Jewelry is a simultaneously ancient and modern art form.

Inspired by this evolution, our expert jewelers and stylists work together to provide a bespoke experience tailored to you. With millennia of history to draw from, we will help you find and tell your story.


O U R    D E S I G N E R S

Each with their own artistry, voice and technique, our award-winning designers have become a part of our family. Whether we are hand-picking their designs for our case, or sending them gemstones to create something unique, we are humbled by their talent and vision.  Cultivating our relationships provides you with an unparalleled selection of stunning pieces you simply cannot find elsewhere.

And on top of that, shopping with us online and in store is tax free—one of Portland’s little known perks. Shop the collections below.