Custom Design



Considering a Custom Project?

Our vast resources may be able to help you discover the perfect piece or hone your vision into something tangible. Sometimes there are options available for what you might find in our cases— like special ordering a different metal, gemstone, stone cut, or gallery design. More often than not, we can put together an item that encompasses most, if not all, of what you may have in mind. Many of our designers have also created one-of-a-kind pieces just for Alchemy and our clients.

We suggest spending time getting a feel for your wants and needs by using our jewelry building resources HERE

When a bit more is needed to get it just right, we can discuss entering into a custom design process. Full custom design is not for the faint of heart— it requires a great deal of time, communication, patience, and more often than not— a healthy budget.


The questions we receive most regarding the custom design process are: What does the process look like? What is the price range? Time frame? …Is this possible? And the best answer we can ever give you is: It depends! Our Master Jeweler performs all of the work himself— and his craftsmanship and expertise are highly sought after. We prefer to only give estimates once all the details have been discussed and cannot generally do this on the fly.

 Whereas we often utilize CAD/CAM software, we primarily use it as just one option in the first step of the fabrication process. Once the jeweler creates a working rendering, he then 3D prints a wax mold and uses it to cast your final piece. From there, the remainder of the work takes place on the bench. To be honest, we prefer to design with just a pencil and paper— it's the most intimate way to convey ideas and visions; and the quickest way to get on the same page, literally! We request that you complete your own artwork and compile a “lookbook” of pieces that display characteristics of your wish list.

 Once the design is approved, we collect full payment for any gemstones; and 50%-75% down of the project total before any work commences. Changes cannot be made at this point. All customized, customizable, custom design, and special orders are non-refundable and your order cannot be cancelled once this process begins.


We have many projects in process simultaneously, completing stages in batches to keep workflow as efficient as possible. We also have rigorous quality standards. This combination can equal lengthy lead times, so it is best to only enter into custom design when you have a liberal time frame and generous expectations for the overall artistic process.


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