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JacQueline Sanchez

Jacqueline Sanchez

      JacQueline Sanchez has forged a life and a livelihood by leading from the heart. Years before starting her eponymous jewelry line in 2002, She discovered her love for creating jewelry through, well, love itself. Her boyfriend (now her husband) was an ardent Grateful Dead fan and enticed JacQueline to travel around the country with him to see the band play. To pass the time while on the road, she took up making “dancing bear” earrings from sheet silver that she pierced out into individual earrings. She was quickly hooked. She sold every pair of earrings as fast as she could make them and put her profits toward college at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, where she learned the fundamentals of jewelry design, fabrication, and stone setting.


JacQueline Sanchez Jewelry Design handcrafts playful, elegant wearable modern art using artisanal methods. Each piece of jewelry from the JacQueline Sanchez studio is created with a passion for design and the highest standards in craftsmanship and durability. JacQueline is the recipient of an achievement award from the American Craft Council and her signature “Forever Young” collection continues to win numerous awards and accolades.

For the past 15 years LEGO® bricks have been a big part of her practice. She sands, cuts, drills, and sandblasts each LEGO® piece. Sand blasting gives a matt finish to create simplicity to a shinny beautiful toy brick. LEGO® represents a lot for many people so she tries to honor that with each piece. The diamonds serve as the mature soul of the toy. Over time her pieces have evolved into this new body of work telling her forever young story with more of a sophisticated perspective while still honoring "play" . Portland Skies symbolizes the rain and clouds of the Portland skies followed by the re-emerging beauty of the city.

Prior to starting JacQueline Sanchez Jewelry Designs she worked as a bench jeweler for over 10 years, performing all aspects of jewelry repair, stone setting, and fabrication. She has extensive experience in working with platinum and creating custom work. She now primarily works with LEGO® bricks, redefining and breaking the boundaries of what is expected. She continues to refine her craft and technique. She currently lives and creates in Portland, Oregon with her husband and son.

Along with her collections she continues to restore family jewelry and create custom pieces for clients in platinum and gold with diamonds and colored stones. She is highly trained and dedicated in the field of metalsmithing.  Don't let the LEGO® bricks fool you!  She has learned to play well.

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JacQueline Sanchez Small LEGO® Dot Ring
  • $350.00
Small LEGO® Brick Ring
  • $350.00
White LEGO® Bar with Black Diamond
  • $350.00
JacQueline Sanchez Oval LEGO® Negative Space Earrings
  • $200.00
JacQueline Sanchez House LEGO® Rendition Post Earrings
  • $300.00
JacQueline Sanchez Horizon LEGO® Pendant with Elements
  • $250.00
JacQueline Sanchez Cascade LEGO®
  • $650.00