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JacQueline Sanchez

JacQueline Sanchez has forged a life and livelihood by listening to her heart. She discovered a love for creating jewelry over 20 years ago while making Grateful Dead “dancing bear” earrings on the road. Hooked on the art form, she put her profits toward training at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, where she learned the fundamentals of jewelry design, fabrication, and stone setting.

Determined to create a unique perspective in her new industry, JacQ began to use LEGO® bricks as the focal point of her style. She sands, cuts, drills, and sandblasts each LEGO® by hand. Her jewelry has continued to evolve under a joyfully sophisticated narrative, honoring the importance of play throughout adulthood.

True to her youthful philosophy, she has forged a special bond with her 15 year old son, Gianni. He has tried his hand at creating his own pieces and proudly models his mom's work. JacQ is careful not to take anyone for granted while on her journey. "I’m so lucky to have such amazing people in my life! To my son, you are the light in my life that forever shines."

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