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Commitment to excellence and passion for exquisite pearls is the unique legacy of Salvador Assael. His father James Assael founded the company in the 1920s in Italy. Salvador was a man of robust character. He had deep resolve, embracing adventure and opportunity. His intuitive business acumen and his penchant for perfection eventually led to his love affair with pearls.

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Assael Ombre Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

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Assael Akoya Pearl Chain Necklace 27"
  • $4,300.00
Assael Blue Akoya & Aquamarine 3-Row Necklace
  • $7,150.00
Assael Tahitian Keshi Pearl Necklace
  • $3,450.00
Assael Akoya Pearl Necklace
  • $6,990.00
Assael 21" Sardinian Coral Necklace
  • $6,750.00
Assael 20.5" Sardinian Coral Necklace
  • $7,500.00