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April Birthstone: Diamond

The Mighty Diamond.
April babies lay claim to one of the most coveted gemstones of all time, the diamond. With their discovery dating back to India around 4th century BC, diamonds' brilliance and scintillation continue to charm us more than two millennia later. Those earliest discovered diamonds are now estimated to have been over 900 million years old, forming from heavily pressurized carbon deposits deep within the earth. These were traded along the infamous Silk Road and prized for being both equally beautiful and durable gems.

During Medieval times, diamonds were carried loose for luck, on chains as talismans, and even ingested as a form of treatment for disease. But our more modern appreciation for diamonds began to evolve with the Roman Empire, when symbolic rings started featuring the gemstone, though they were not exclusively tied to the union of marriage. Diamond engagement rings made their way onto the scene among royal families in the 15th-19th centuries-- but it wasn't until after WWII when DeBeers' famous slogan "A Diamond is Forever" set the tone for our modern diamond demand. Now more than 3/4 of engagement rings sold feature a diamond.

Today, you'll find a beautifully diverse portfolio of diamonds on the market— raw, reverse set, lab gown, fancy cut, and in a large color palette. Designers have embraced the diamond in all its forms, reinforcing its reign as the most popular, valuable and steadfast gem in history.

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Todd Reed Autumn Diamond Band

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Anne Sportun Diamond Festival Band
  • $4,500.00
Audrius Krulis Diamond Band
  • $2,250.00
Todd Reed Diamond Rose Gold Band
  • $4,150.00
Kimberly Collins Diamond Eternity Band 1.5mm
  • $1,950.00
Dome 3 Row Pave Band
  • $4,395.00
Mini Baguette Platinum Band
  • $2,570.00
18k White Gold Diamond Necklace
  • $2,750.00
Diamond Flower Necklace
  • $1,925.00
Petite Flower Necklace Yellow Gold
  • $3,950.00
Petite Flower Necklace White Gold
  • $3,950.00
Diamond Floral Pendant
  • $6,900.00
Diamond Bar Necklace
  • $4,800.00
Anne Sportun Small Graduated Necklace
  • $1,200.00
Anne Sportun Scorpio Celestial Necklace
  • $1,090.00
Anne Sportun Sagittarius Celestial Necklace
  • $1,090.00
Anne Sportun Aquarius Celestial Necklace
  • $1,090.00
Anne Sportun Capricorn Celestial Necklace
  • $1,090.00
Anne Sportun Diamond Pave Star Charm
  • $1,135.00
Alex Sepkus Candy Huggie Earrings
  • $6,805.00
Halo Pave Cushion Studs
  • $1,650.00
Platinum Diamond Studs
  • $6,600.00
Kimberly Collins Diamond White Gold Stix Studs
  • $825.00
Martini Diamond Studs 0.51 ctw
  • $1,275.00
Martini Diamond Studs 0.50 ctw
  • $1,250.00
Martini Diamond Studs 0.49 ctw
  • $1,225.00
Alex Sepkus Ocean Platinum Studs
  • $1,900.00
Alex Sepkus Ocean Gold Studs
  • $1,795.00
White Gold Lab Grown Diamond Studs 1.32
  • $2,150.00
White Gold Lab Grown Diamond Studs 1.00
  • $1,450.00
Zaffiro Thorn Earrings
  • $2,000.00
Lord Bird Studs
  • $6,450.00
Todd Reed Diamond Earrings
  • $8,200.00
Todd Reed Fancy Black Diamond Earrings
  • $6,800.00
Sarah Graham Sea Urchin Earrings
  • $3,625.00
K. Brunini Antler Diamond Earrings
  • $2,840.00
Todd Reed Autumn Diamond Mixed Metal Earrings
  • $7,650.00
Hulchi Belluni Diamond Gold Cuff Links
  • $5,800.00
Todd Reed Patina Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
  • $8,580.00
14k Rose Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $7,500.00
Alex Sepkus Fable Animal Bracelet
  • $3,640.00