Portland Monthly : Dress Up That Fall Wardrobe

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Dress Up That Fall Wardrobe with Big and Bold Accessories

From bondage-inspired leather looks to high-end gemstones to cheap vintage finds, local shops and designers have the perfect baubles.


Styled by Eden Dawn Photography by George Barberis Illustrations by Joan LeMay 9/23/2019 at 11:03am Published in the October 2019 issue ofPortland Monthly

Styling by Eden DawnPhotographs by George BarberisBackground paintings by Joan LeMayHair and Makeup by Sheri MendesModel Krystal Veschil of Q6 Model & Artist Management / Photo Assistants Sam Slater & Brian BarnhartProduction Assistant Kiva Hanson


Demimonde black spinel and brass hand-beaded earrings ($240) and smoky quartz and gold hematite on brass chain necklace ($200)



K. Brunini 18k gold and diamond Vertebrae band ($6,375); Alex Sepkus Blooming Hill sapphire and diamond ring ($10,210); Loren Nicole 22k hammered gold Nomad ring ($3,700); Zaffiro pink tourmaline cabochon ring ($8,450) and boulder opal ring ($5,825); Aaron Henry gold and diamond Olive Branch ring ($2,960), amethyst 18k gold Aspen ring ($1,230), and 18k green tourmaline ring ($1,445); Erica Molinari ivory enamel hand charm ($2,848); Lauren K azurite malachite heart 18k gold necklace ($2,350) and black opal necklace ($4,180); Alchemy 18k gold chain bracelet with diamond clasp ($2,200); Victor Velyan turquoise and gold cuff ($14,300). All items available at Alchemy



Orox Jacqueline emerald luster leather handbag ($440), Orox Allura (in ruby and sapphire) luster leather hexagon bags ($300 each)


NDA Leather burgundy Verona vest ($300) and burgundy leather Amalfi collar ($60)Poppy ring ($78) and Arium ring in brass ($97) at Seaworthy



Soft Corner Twist Clip ($15), Sandra multicolor rectangle barrettes ($12 each), small pink barrette ($10 each), and large white barrette ($15)



Seaworthy Hopes for Rain brass bracelet ($136), Benazir silver and jasper bracelet ($114), Abrazo brass cuff ($167), Benazir brass and lapis bracelet ($86), Benazir brass and malachite bracelet ($86), Sonia brass and quartz cuff ($98), Poppy Ring in brass ($78) and silver ($148), Esposa brass and lapis ring ($145), Setting Sun brass ring ($72), Emmeline brass ring ($123), Condensation silver ring ($66); NDA LeatherFirenze black hip bag with brass hardware, $230; Mystic Sister green bison leather bracelet bag with attached brass bracelet, $120



Marc Fisher Parana tiger striped bootie, $90 at DSW; Mystic Sister Tambourine green bison leather circle bag, $175



Seaworthy Epiphyte teardrop earrings, $128; Vintage tiger shoulder pin ($17) at Phog Bounders Antique Mall; Vintage flower pin ($12) and costume ring ($9) at Monticello Antique Marketplace; Vintage leopard pin, $7 at Stars Antiques.



Where did we score those eye-catching backgrounds for this photo shoot? Portland Monthly commissioned artist Joan LeMayknown for her color-saturated, pattern-heavy portraits of both humans and animalsto hand-paint backdrops for our fall fashion lovelies. LeMay recently returned to Portland after seven years in New York City and Sante Fe, where her painting career really took off: she caught a break in 2016 when Lena Dunham commissioned her for portraits of Michelle Obama and Rachel Maddow for Dunham’s now-defunct Lenny Letter blog. Since then, LeMay’s color explosions and riotous patterns, chockablock with subject-specific symbolism, have earned her commissions from publications like Topic and direct portrait requests from celebs like Amy Sedaris.

LeMay currently has human, kitty, and even parrot projects lined up for months, something the extremely allergic pet lover enjoys. “I love painting people and animals in equal measure, which I think is unfairly maligned,” she says. “Since I can’t actually be around dogs and cats, it’s a joy to sit and paint them.”