Oregon Bride

There are few cities more interested in personal expression than Portland—and the artisan metal workers at Alchemy in the Pearl District demonstrate how a ring’s personal touch can create significance. Alchemy, known for its stunning manufacturing of modern-art, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, has been designing breath-taking visions for more than 30 years. Cast the thumbprint of your spouse onto the wedding band to reinvent the modern-day wedding ring for a twist that adds unique texture and meaning. Hoping to incorporate a family heirloom? Bring it along and be a part of the design process. “We consider Alchemy [to be] old-world jewelers dealing in fine, handcrafted artisan jewelry” says owner David Iler, the mastermind behind Alchemy’s prestige. “Our fabulous on-site metalsmithing will speak to your heart’s desire.”

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