Treat Yourself to Hot Trends

The verdict is in for 2023's hot trends. The Big Four that comprise this year's "It-List" are (drum roll, please) pearls, statement rings, lockets, and signet rings. Lucky for you-- we have all these trends covered, and more.



We would argue that pearls have always been on trend, but the swell of our pearl-adorned mainstream is rapidly becoming a tidal wave.

Pearls are no longer reserved for your grandmother, black and white films, or the First Lady. Larger-than-life personas ushering in the trend dubbed "Pearlcore" are entertainment titans like Sandra Bullock, Zoe Saldana, Pharrell Williams, and Harry Styles.

We love pearls because of their diversity-- they come in different sizes, shapes, and hues. Pearls can be worn short and formal, loose and long, wrapped, layered, and dress up or down any ensemble. Pearls are truly the new neutral.





Statement Rings


Making a statement without saying a word is an art form-- and that art form is jewelry. Big rings sit atop the mountainous big jewelry trend, which also includes cuffs, earrings, and necklaces.

The Look-At-Me Era prizes these wearable sculptures as extensions of ourselves; items that easily begin a conversation on your behalf. Beyond just cocktail rings, statement rings can be elaborate carvings, organic shapes, whimsical creatures, and technical feats of metalsmithing.

Stack them, solo them, put them on your index finger, or pull the "Power Pinky" play... No matter how you slice it, statement rings are a staple in every assortment.







Lockets may have macabre origins, but they are back in the saddle again as one of the ultimate tokens of remembrance and loyalty.

Whereas a "vessel" style of jewelry dates back to ancient Egypt, what we recognize as a locket evolved around 500 years ago as a way to keep or "preserve" parts of departed loved ones. This practice originally ranged from quite literal (like bones and hair) to eventually symbolic gestures like photography and ivory portraiture.

With personalization on the rise, lockets are now a very fashion-forward way to pay homage to our family, friends, pets, and mentors that have been separated from us by distance or death.





Signet Rings


Nothing is more inspiring than a blank canvas (pictured here). Although signet rings are said to be having a "resurgence," it's more like they are becoming a cross-over hit. And we don't mean Game of Thrones.

First spotted around 3500 BC, the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt adorned theirs with hieroglyphs, telling stories of their power and lineage. European royals adopted the practice and used theirs to display the family crest, which they would put to use sealing official documents in wax. Subsequently, families of note and wealth also took up the tradition.

As the need for sealing documents in wax has dwindled, the designs on signet rings no longer need to be imprint-ready. Now they symbolize anything from family ties to graduation classes, with etched designs or gemstones. They've become a mainstream favorite due to their personalized nature, and you'll be seeing more of them in the months to come.


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