Spring Looks

It's always an exciting moment to finally exit the depths of late winter. The season of hibernation has its merits; but spring promises new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and offers a chance to look forward. Spring is a perfect time to grow your jewelry collection.


Rock Crystal


From the Greek krustallos, meaning "ice," rock crystal is the name given to the clear, colorless, purest form of quartz. Its glass-like translucence and workable nature made it a favorite for many decorations, among which jewelry seemed an obvious choice. In particular, Medieval artisans were enamored with the purity of rock crystal-- fashioning it into drinking vessels, objects of adornment, and religious crosses.

Some rock crystal is completely without flaws and appears as clear as mountain water... And some rock crystal has gorgeously intricate natural inclusions giving unparalleled character to a piece. What was once a craft honed by Venetian and Byzantine craftsman of the Middle Ages is no longer reserved for European museums and private collections. Modern designers like Loren Nicole and Temple St. Clair make no secret their love affair for this crystal clear form of quartz, and you can find some of their one-of-a-kind creations right here at Alchemy.





Spring begins in March, the month of Aquamarine-- but it's not just for March babies. Aquamarine's pale subtle beauty is beloved by all. As the ice melts away into rushing rivers and milder temperatures, this gemstone is perfect for spring.

Prized by ancient mariners and used to invoke calm and serenity, Aquamarine has been a peace-bringer for millennia. It was thought to sooth the treacherous ocean, and tame a prickly demeanor. Aquamarine is a more abundant gemstone, mined primarily in Brazil and Pakistan, along with several African nations.

Aquamarine is an easy stone to fashion. Ranking 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, the gemstone is fairly workable, making it easy to cut and carve into interesting shapes of all sizes. Aquamarine can have liquid inclusions, so it is best to have your jeweler inspect and clean it at least twice per year.







Of course studs are a perfect year-round accessory, but they are also uniquely suited to spring in many ways.

As we move from colder to milder temperatures, our wardrobes change accordingly-- sometimes many times in just one day. Extreme weather and climate shifts require something small and versatile to take along for the ride. Studs don't interfere with scarves and jackets, but are able to shine once we shed those outer layers throughout the day, or when the sun comes out.

Studs are the chameleon in your jewelry box, harnessing the ability to adapt to your ensemble, event, and mood. They're an absolute go-to for this season.





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