Meet Our Artist: Q+A with Lena Agdere from Lord Jewelry

With the launch of their new collection, Rock Candy, and for a much needed ray of light we all can appreciate, we caught up with Lena Agdere from Lord Jewelry for an artist Q+A.  
Lord Jewelry-Rock Candy Collection-Lena Agdere-Alchemy Jeweler

How do you like to start your day? 

I love starting my day with a quick meditation. Next I love getting my body moving with some yoga and stretches. Next comes my french press coffee followed by  journaling to get my thoughts on paper and set my intentions for the day. I am usually the most creative in the mornings so I do my best to optimize the first hour or two of my day doing things that fuel my mind, body and soul. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Lord Jewelry-Lena Agdere-Los Angeles Jewelry Designer 
The truth is that it is always changing but at its core my personal style is always colorful, expressive and fun! Style is a very personal choice and I am very intentional about the way I create mine. Simply put, I dress the way I want to feel; joyful, empowered, and grounded. Most days I will go for bright colors, floral patterns, and flowy dresses paired with statement jewelry.
But you can also find me rocking some vintage jeans paired with an oversized t-shirt layered with lots of jewelry of course. When it comes to jewelry I also love mixing it up. Over the years I’ve learned to give myself permission to express myself freely through my style. And it has been a very colorful journey!  

How do you want women to feel when wearing Lord Jewelry? 

When wearing the Lord Jewelry line I want women to feel infinitely empowered, joyfully luxurious, confidently self loving and one-of-a-kind just like the women wearing them! 

What is the coolest gemstone you own?

Fun fact- I have a large collection of hand carved gemstones that are in the shape of birds. Why? Well as an environmental biologist turned jewelry designer my love for nature, wildlife, and especially birds is no secret! So over the years I have collected these beautifully carved bird gemstones and have also been gifted so many from clients and friends who know my love for all feathered creatures. Let’s just say, the phrase “put a bird on it” will never get old for me!
Bird Jewelry-Environmental Biologist-LA Designer

Working with your father must be so fun, what is your favorite part about working together?

My favorite part about working with my father is that we get to explore the edges of creativity together. Our minds work very differently so it is always so much fun for us to share our design ideas with each other. Often we have very different ideas from one another and that makes it so much more fun!
Lord Jewelry-Sinork Agdere-Los Angeles Designer 

What has been your go-to way to relax and recenter during this pandemic? 

I have found collaging to be very relaxing for me during this time. Flipping through old magazines, cutting out colorful images that speak to me and creating new stories with those images… It has been a fun creative outlet.
 Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

What piece of advice would you share with an aspiring designer/jeweler?

I would say to trust your creative intuition and go with what inspires you. Don’t be afraid to show your personality because YOU are what makes your work special.

You are the co-president of the Women's Jewelry Association of Los Angeles. What are you most excited about for 2020? 

I am most excited about all the virtual events made available by all the WJA Chapters. It is so nice to be able to jump on a zoom and connect with our incredible network of members from all around the world. Here at the Los Angeles Chapter we have been focusing on creating virtual opportunities around networking and education for our membership. Some of my personal favorites from the Los Angeles chapter includes our  “Wellness Wednesday” sessions full of yoga, meditation and body movement. Also I love our “Wine. Mastermind. Online” series where we network and exchange knowledge.

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