Jewelry Wellness: Top 10 Tips for 2020

January seemed to have flown by! We hope you are finally getting settled in after the frenzy of holiday trips and family gatherings.

To us February is really the month we get to breathe, get organized and start taking action on our new year goals.

So we're sharing our “Top 10 Tips” to help set you and your jewelry up for a fresh start to the new decade! 

Jewelry Cleaning

Tip # 1 : Get your jewelry professionally cleaned! 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to pop into Alchemy or your local jeweler to pamper your jewels with a cleansing bath and check up. Especially for those pieces you wear daily. From sweat, body oils, lotions, to washing your hands with hand soaps, the shine of your jewelry can be dulled and special elements can be worn down. 

  • SAY NO to Toothpaste - the home remedy we often find online will actually damage your jewelry in the long run. For a quick at home clean,  use mild dishwashing soap and warm water for pieces that seem dull or building up a film. Rinse in cool water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Like our soft, sensitive lips, these delicate and porous gemstones -- Pearls, Turquoise, Opals, Emeralds, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Sunstone, Onyx, and Topaz must be treated differently than diamonds and sapphires. All you need is a damp cloth to gently wipe any film away.  Avoid soaps and household cleaners that will cause further damage. 

What we're looking for when you bring in your jewelry for a check up: 

The first thing we look for under the microscope are signs of loose, chipped, or fracture-filled gemstones, worn down or damaged prongs, weakened clasps, thinning ring shanks, and more depending on your piece.  It’s easy for a piece of jewelry or gemstones to be lost without regular check-ups and we want to help you avoid any expensive surprise repairs or the heart-sinking feeling when your diamond or colored gemstone goes missing. We recommend a visit every 3 to 6 months to get that brilliant shine back and check up pass - your future self will thank you tremendously!


Tip # 2 : Store Your Jewelry Properly 

Don’t own a jewelry box? This is the year! Exposure to the simplest things like the moisture in the air makes storing your jewelry in a dry area a must! Be on the lookout for jewelry boxes with lots of dividers and drawers that keep your pieces separate and not jumbled together which can cause unwanted tangling and scratching. All your Alchemy jewels come with a suede box or velvet pouch to keep your pieces protected. 

Tip # 3 : Do you sleep in your jewelry? Don’t! 

Whether you toss and turn or sleep like a rock, your jewelry wants to be tucked away. Sleeping with your jewelry on is the most likely time you will lose a gemstone, wear down your prongs, and stretch or break your chains. Also, left in earrings can cause unwanted stretching to your pierced holes and the posts can prick your neck (ouch!)

Tip # 4 : TRY not to shower in your jewels 

This one is the toughest tip to follow, even for us! While a couple showers here and there won’t hurt, removing everything will significantly increase the longevity of your jewels. When diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are exposed to natural oils, certain soaps, and lotions, it can leave a film resulting in less brilliance and sparkle. Your solid gold and platinum jewelry will not necessarily be harmed by the water, although its shine and luster will begin to dull over time from soaps and minerals or chemicals in the water. All in all, you should remove your jewelry before showering to prolong the life and luster of your investment.

Tip # 5 : Keep your metals and diamonds separate 

Gold is a relatively malleable metal and can be damaged by scratches from hard gemstones. To avoid this, keep your gold stored in its own drawer or in its original soft cloth bags or box. 

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and when they are improperly stored they can scratch your other precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. They can also scratch silver, gold and platinum so keep them safe in their cloth bags or original box.

    Tip # 6 : Jewelry should be the last finishing touch

    After your makeup, hair, and outfit come together fabulously....layer on your jewelry. Jewelry should be your finishing touch before heading out the door. This will prevent twisting necklaces, snagging your rings on your sleeves, or catching an earring.

    Tip # 7 : Put your pieces on rotation.

    Jewelry isn’t meant to be worn 24/7, give it a break and show some love to your other pieces (they miss you!)

    Tip # 8 : Get your Jewelry Appraised & Insured

    Your fine jewelry collection is more than just fashion accessories, they are cherished family heirlooms, a symbol of lasting love, and a reminder of treasured moments. Proper documentation and protection will save a lot of headache & heartache. 

    If you're wondering what an appraisal is, it is a document describing your unique jewelry item and assessing the value it should be insured for if ever lost or stolen. An appraiser will estimate the gemstone weight, its approximate color and clarity, and the weight and type of metal(s). Insurance companies recommend that this document is renewed every few years as the prices of precious metal and diamonds regularly change. This document will be used as proof of ownership -- take a selfie with your jewelry, preferably by your face! We have heard some insurance companies are starting to ask for this type of proof.

    Please contact us for our trusted third-party partners for appraisals. 

    Tip # 9: Have unworn jewelry or loose gemstones floating in your jewelry box? Design something new for the modern day you! 

    When it comes to those treasured gemstone finds it can be hard to commit to a single design. But that gemstone doesn't get to shine and brighten up the world when its tucked away in your jewelry box. Start with a simple idea to get your inspiration flowing! Our expert designers are eager to help guide you in the direction you're seeking and create some magic with you! Same goes for the unworn jewelry you're not sure what to do with. Let's give it new life by giving it a modern edge or make a couple new pieces from its special elements. 

    Tip # 10 Restring your Pearls

    Do you feel like your pearls need a new look? Have your pearls taken on a little dirt or discoloration? It's time for a restring! By doing so your pearls can be redesigned with new elements such as a clasp, dazzling gemstones in-between or made into a new length.

    Restringing pearls not only preserves your pearls’ quality but also the thin silk strands pearls are strung on. Because the strands are so thin, they often weaken, get stretched or become discolored with time; thus it is recommended to restring your pearls every year if worn regularly or every 2-3 years if only worn for special occasions.


    Feeling Overwhelmed? 

    Ask away! We are here to answer any questions you have or if your eager to begin designing with those tucked away jewels and gems!