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Tour the showroom


Alchemy is devoted to creating beautiful jewelry and our talented staff is prepared to help you capture the design that speaks to your heart. Our metalsmiths are highly skilled in the traditional ways of handcrafting jewelry while also enjoying one of the most complete modern manufacturing studios in the industry.


Whenever possible we prefer to schedule a design appointment, that way we can be sure to set aside a block of time just for you. You will work directly with artist, designers and metalsmiths to discover the style that matches your vision. Please keep in mind that our artists are exactly that... artist. Sometimes we push the boundaries and sometimes we play it safe, but we will always try our very best to capture your vision. Please be prepared for a fascinating experience.

If gemstones are part of your vision, we will usually start the process by helping to choose the very best stone for you. We stock many fine quality gemstones, and if we don’t have your perfect one on hand, we have a large pool of amazing resources that can locate exactly what you're looking for.


We typically prefer the age old tradition of designing jewelry by sketching, but sometimes its more appropriate to use 3-D modeling software that can generate a photo-realistic renderings. This 3-D process can take a few days to complete depending on the difficulty and could even require a deposit to cover the labor cost.

Once the final design is agreed upon we will develop a detailed quote. Written estimates and quotes will be honored for 10 days and may be subject to change depending on the fluctuation of stone cost, metals markets and design changes.


Once the design is approved we require a deposit to move forward. Depending on the circumstance, we typically require 50% to 70% down along with full payment towards any special ordered stones. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.


The custom process from design to delivery can generally take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks. We will always try to accommodate for upcoming events, but please keep in mind that expedited service could add additional expense as overtime charges are required. The complexity of the job and our current workload will determine the standard timing.

We ask that you please be patient... We can control many factors, but we can not control time itself. Making jewelry is a form of art that requires great skill and dedication. It is becoming increasingly rare to find individuals that are as talented and devoted to their craft as the metalsmiths at Alchemy. We are in great demand, and are humbled to be your jeweler...


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