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   Explore ancient splendors with LOREN NICOLE, as we take you across the globe and through time in retelling our vision of ancient histories. 
Loren Nicole Lion Amulet Ring

     Loren began her career in archaeology, having received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Anthropology from the University of Vermont in 2012. In the years after completing her degree, Loren worked as an archaeological lab technician at the American Museum of Natural History, on numerous digs in Central and South America, pursued grant funded research in northern Peru and served as a conservator for ancient and ethnographic textiles of the Americas, Oceana and Africa Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York City. During her time at the Met, Loren began taking ancient metalsmithing courses to better understand the metal objects she was encountering in the lab. What began as curiosity to better understand objects of the past, developed into a passion that eclipsed her academic interests.

Loren Nicole BlowPipe Torch

The collection of ethically sourced 22k yellow gold and gemstone jewelry seeks to capture the spirit of ancient civilizations. Each year, Teetelli explores a different civilization, studying their jewelry, other mediums and their metalsmithing technologies to identify the core of what binds the period together, translating those key elements into modern designs, using the same technologies that would have been used historically. 

She hopes to create jewelry that has many layers of meaning, allowing people to take from it and connect with the jewelry in the way that they need. By working in ancient technologies and using similar aesthetics, it is impossible to remove her work from the millennia of history that is at the core of both the design and making, allowing it to have a familiar feeling to most people.  

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Loren Nicole Nomad Ring
  • $3,700.00
Loren Nicole Hellenic Bangle in Rock Crystal
  • $4,650.00
Loren Nicole Scale Bracelet
  • $13,000.00
Loren Nicole 22k Yellow Gold Cable Chain Necklace
  • $28,000.00
Loren Nicole Baltic Amber Pear Charm
  • $1,200.00
Loren Nicole Indicolite Charm
  • $1,900.00
Loren Nicole Green Tourmaline Charm
  • $770.00
Loren Nicole Aquamarine Crab Charm
  • $1,670.00
Loren Nicole Baltic Amber Oval Charm
  • $980.00
Loren Nicole Rubellite Tourmaline Charm
  • $2,200.00


Loren Nicole Rock Crystal Bangle Bracelet

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Loren Nicole Cable Chain Bracelet

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