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Emily P. Wheeler

Emily P Wheeler Fine Jewelry Designer
  Drawing inspirations from color palettes of time and place, Emily aims to invoke nostalgia with her work focusing on only one of a kind pieces and limited-edition styles. They are not only created by the most skilled craftsmen in Los Angeles and around the world, but her pieces are also designed with 100% recycled 18 karat goldconflict-free diamonds, and ethically sourced gemstones.
Her ultra-sleek collection echoes the refined yet laid back Southern California aesthetic with beautifully vibrant gemstones and timeless silhouettes. 


Emily P. Wheeler Collection

Emily took a serious interest in jewelry at age 12, while on a road trip with her father from Boston to Arizona. Her dad, an architectural photographer, stopped often at roadside markets to collect Native American turquoise and sterling silver jewels and curiosities. Emily’s early fascination with vibrant gems and jewelry resurfaced in her mid 20s, and she spent summers learning everything she could about the industry. In 2015, she partnered with a family-owned factory in Los Angeles to create what is part of her signature collection today. 

Above all else, Emily values craftsmanship and quality materials and has developed a unique collection that is rooted in her personal history: a little bit of architectural structure from her father’s photos, a little bit of edge from her modeling career and love of fashion, and a lot of color that stems from her adoration for gems. 

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Emily P. Wheeler Split Diamond Earrings
  • $4,300.00